Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Delaware by Hand Spring Day Show 2011

Wow, what a beautiful day we had on Saturday for the DBH Outdoor show at the Zwaanendael Park in Lewes. The park was filled with blooming flowers, lush green grass and luckily large trees that gave us our much needed shade in the early afternoon. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by my booth! I am so lucky to have such a supportive group of wonderful people who make it to all of my shows (rain or shine, inside or outside), you made my day. I was also able to meet and talk to many new art lovers, thank you for stopping by my booth and talking with me! There's nothing better than chatting about things you love and finding individuals who love and appreciate the very same things that you do, I had such a fantastic day and everyone who stopped by to talk with me made that possible, so thank you again so much!

My whole family woke up with the sun in order to help me with the set up of my booth. My Dad was able to document the entire process:

After we set up it was time for a refreshingly cool blended drink from Cafe Azafran, which was right down the street from the show.

So this year I decided to go large (of course with a few small paintings here and there). We brought along wearable art and prints as well!

Aren't these flowers just gorgeous. We picked them up from the farmer's market in Lewes, just down the street from the Zwaanendael park.

Gary Crowl had his booth right across the grassy path from us. His work is almost like a wooden collage and they're awesome with interesting shapes, colors and textures. He finds all of his materials while walking along the beach.

Thanks so much Mom, Dad and Andrew, I couldn't have done it without you! Overall the day couldn't have been better!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

when Van Gogh speaks to you

I've been putting off starting this new series since the completion of my last. It takes time to gather imagery, materials and create a plan to bring them both together, not to mention finding spare time to start the process once again (once you start painting it's easy to put time aside for it because that's the fun part), but all it takes is one thing to get you going.

Last night after dinner we couldn't find anything to watch, except for a hockey game and after a lot of perusing we found a documentary about the life/work of Vincent Van Gogh called
Van Gogh:Brush with Genius. The narrator of the movie spoke as Vincent Van Gogh who looked into the life of an art historian, a film maker and himself. Imagery of the many locations that Van Gogh created in and about were accompanied by his actual paintings. I never knew he created hundreds of paintings within a year, even a couple hundred within the span of just a few months (sometimes 3 a day). He talked about his work and ideas through letters that he wrote to his brother: ideas about color (by putting complimentary colors near each other it makes both colors appear more vibrant) and composition (by painting the horizon line near the top of the canvas the viewer is able to become enveloped into the foreground of the painting). I know I learned this all in school, but there was just something about it that clicked (I think it was hearing him talk about his own work, or so it seemed) and made me want to start painting again while also paying close attention to these ideas and how I can incorporate them into my own paintings. He also talked about the process that it took for him to in a sense find his own style. Definitely things to think about, and think about some more.

If Van Gogh painted 3 paintings in one day, I better get going.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

floppy hats

This is a picture from last year,
but it gives a glimpse of this beautiful venue

It's that time of the year again, time to get out your big floppy hat for those warm sunny weekends that you spend strolling around oogling art. I've just started preparing (yes, I've got my floppy hat and sunglasses ready too) for the first outdoor show of the season, Delaware By Hand Spring Day Show. This show is in an absolutely gorgeous location. It's like a little enchanted garden with a water fountain surrounded by all kinds of flowers, where trees help shade the grassy paths that lead you from one artist to another.

I'm bringing paintings from a couple different series, and right now I'm thinking big (big canvas sizes that is). Of course I will have a few small paintings, as well as prints (I've created some new exciting sizes that might be very different than you are probably imagining right now), and a new size and shape in my wearable art pin back buttons. It should be an exciting day and I'm super psyched! I hope to see you there.

Saturday, May 28
Delaware by Hand Spring Day Show
Zwaanendael Park, Lewes, DE (booth 24)
10- 4 (rain or shine)

ps. If there's any particular piece you would like to see in person and you'll be coming by the show, just e-mail me and I'll bring it along

Sunday, May 1, 2011

unconscious inspiration

Sometimes it takes finished work to find the true inspiration. Once I completed my most recent series that began by photographs from northern Vermont I realized that my four years of walking, running, biking, floating and just relaxing near/on White Clay Creek began to sneak in. It was those times where I became increasingly aware of the sounds of the running water, the sights of moving water veils over rocks and the beauty of the greenery that grows along the bank. The ideas of painting the sounds created by moving water have stayed with me ever since. It was this location that was the inspiration for many previous drawings. In the beginning I thought this series was all about Vermont, but after reflecting on the work and reconnecting with the landscape of White Clay Creek I realized these paintings were also created by White Clay Creek inspiration.

Painting is done in an unconscious mode and the more I think about it the more I think most inspiration is created in an unconscious mind as well.