Monday, June 25, 2012

Art's Alive: Roberto Fitzgerald Award

Art’s Alive Gallery at Main Street Landing’s Union Station 
1 Main Street,  Burlington, VT

 It was my first year exhibiting my work in the Art's Alive Gallery for their Annual Juried Exhibition.  The building has a gorgeous view of Lake Champlain and a large open space inside that makes it an ideal location for displaying art. Thanks Art's Alive for letting me take part in this wonderful event!

 As you walk in the first floor entrance you're welcomed by large ceilings and ample wall space. A staircase in the back of the room leads to a second floor, where more work from the exhibit is displayed.

The Art's Alive Organization did a beautiful job hanging the work.

I was thrilled at the opening reception when the awards were announced and the painting that won the Roberto Fitzgerald Award was "the way a stream should look and feel" and it was Rippling Flow. Thanks Art's Alive!

Art's Alive 2012 Festival of Fine Art will be coming to end June 30th. If you haven't, stop by to check out the Art in the Windows in Church Street and the Main Street Landing Gallery (both the first and second floor). It is a perfect way to stroll around town while admiring art.

Art's Alive Inc. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fish in Progress

So I haven't been able to get fish out of my head since my last series. As my family and I sat around our dining table thinking of names for the latest series a day before the show a perfect name popped up, Oceanic Soiree. When we kept brain storming all I could picture in my mind was a major fish party with many different types of fish attending. Ever since that night I wanted to paint more fish. So here are more attendees for the Oceanic Soiree.

Here are pictures of the current fish in progress

Day 1 outline:

Today ( not quite sure what day # it is):

I'm hoping to have all fish ready to debut on July 7th for the St. Peter's Annual Fine Art Outdoor Show in Lewes.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Art in the Windows: Expressions Clothing Store

Art's Alive Festival of Fine Art

Art in the Windows on the Church Street Marketplace

102 Church Street, Burlington, VT

The organization Art's Alive Vermont pairs businesses with local artists to fill Church Street with a variety of mediums and styles. As you stroll along Church Street keep an eye out for the 
Art in the Windows!

 I was lucky enough to be paired with a beautiful little clothing store called Expressions. As I walked along Church Street last night I was thrilled with the way the paintings were displayed. The clothing in the windows matched the paintings!

If you happen to be strolling along Church Street enjoying the gorgeous spring/summer weather, stop by Expressions and check out the art in the windows.