2010 Currently Creating Bathsheba

The inspiration from beautiful places such as Barbados never fades. I just started a painting of an image that may look familiar because I have painted it twice before, but I promise once its finished it will be one of a kind. This time I'm working with a similar composition, but will paint it with my latest techniques. This is a commission piece for a great couple. We are working with the design and colors of one of the rooms in their home.

starting off the underpainting: a color I have never began with before, green earth

To add more depth in the picture I added prussian blue layer to the underpainting 


7/9-7/12: cadmium yellow deep, chromium green light, aureoline, azure blue, chinese lake, rose dore madder lake, prussian blue, carmine deep.

7/12-7/16: green earth, prussian blue, cobalt green light, permanent yellow green, rose dore madder, chinese lake

I've been in Utah for the last 10 days but now I'm happily back painting. I'm still working on layering the glazes and just beginning to suggest patterns in the painting.

7/31-8/6: prussian blue, cobalt turquoise, carmine deep, azure blue, sap green, aliziarin blue lake (I've really been using these colors over and over to add to their vibrancy)

(It's almost time for thicker and opaque paint that will create details and texture)

Today I started painting with colors that are more opaque to create contrast and pattern. As soon as it dries I want to begin adding texture in the sky and foreground. At this time in the painting I can use all three techniques: glazing, using opaque paint and using an impasto medium to create texture, until I achieve balance in the painting.

I absolutely love getting out my palette knife and creating texture. The forms seem to grow organically when the strokes multiply and become layered on top of each other. It's just so much fun!


8/9: Here's a look at the palette I've been using for the thicker paint, which I've been layering for the last couple of days.  The painting is getting closer and closer, which is really exciting.

Today I also started painting the sides of the painting.


Now it's just about working on the details and finishing touches. (since it's been rainy/windy the last couple of days I've been painting inside, but the suns out today so its a perfect time to get some pictures) 

I'm trying to look at the painting to make sure there are similar colors spread throughout the canvas so that the viewer's eye travels around the image.  I also want to make sure the composition is balanced through all aspects: texture, color and shapes. I want there to be variety in the painting, to make areas stand out while others recede. I never want there to be a dull moment in the painting, each time you look at the painting I want you to be able to find small subtle areas that may not have been noticed before. These are all things I'm thinking about when in the final phases of creating a painting.


After a couple of days of looking at the painting and adding to it here and there, it is finally finished. I signed my name and took a few photos with great sunlight. I'm so excited about finishing this piece, I loved working on it.

Yesterday I delivered the painting to its new home. I'm so happy that it has a wonderful place to live now.