2011 Currently Creating Fluid Connections

After coming back to Vermont for the winter, I've discovered that there is much more to discover and to paint. I want to create paintings that take the ideas I began to work with in the Costa Rica series and explore them even further. I've started small wanting to put the same emphasis on these little paintings that I do in my larger paintings. I usually begin with the larger canvases (let's face it I just can't help myself) but this time I thought that if I started with these smaller canvases first (the 4'x4' and 5'x4' canvases are being transported by my parents car and are coming up for Thanksgiving) that I may have a different experience.

I've been walking around with my little digital camera snapping shots here and there of interesting compositions, patterns or anything that just catches my eye (the great thing about a digital camera is you can snap away and just delete later). After all the pictures have been printed out its easier to see what size canvas they would work on. Now it's time to paint.


11/7: underpainting


I really want to bring the vibrancy of the Costa Rica series into these paintings, so I thought that I would begin glazing with a variety of warm colors.

11/14: glazing (around 5 or 6 layers)


11/17: more glazing with warm colors


I thought that I would add a little green in to give some pop to the paintings, while also still layering layers of warm colors.

11/19: glazing (adding in a little green with the warmer colors)

 (I'm not sure if you noticed but another painting seemed to sneak its way into the group)

11/20: more glazing (dark purple, some turquoise and a deep blue)

12/6: more glazing

   All I needed was a little snow storm and a cup of hot chocolate 
(with whip cream of course) 
to get started on the larger paintings

12/15: small paintings: glazes are getting darker and darker
 large paintings: underpainting

12/20: yellow glazing

 12/21: glazing with violet

 1/16: back to glazing and loving it! I also started working in more detail with the smaller paintings and adding some opaque paint.

 1/19: more glazing

 1/28: more and more glazes


1/31: more glazes along with one pink underpainting (yes, I finally got to the 5'x4' canvas, it has been a bit intimidating but I had pink on my brush and thought why not start it today and in pink?)

 1/31: It's 0 degrees and I'm finally bringing a little winter inside and on to the canvases.

2/5: starting a couple new paintings and more glazing

2/7: glazing, glazing and more glazing, with a little detail work added in here and there (on the small paintings).

 2/19: adding some blue glazes

2/21: even more blue glazes

2/25: glazing morning and night

2/27: still glazing, but starting to think about where these paintings may be going..


 3/2 (wow march came quickly): with each glaze the time for detail gets closer and closer, which I love because you can spend hours upon hours on just one painting all in one day

3/4: so I have a confession, it's suppose to maybe rain this weekend and that's a total bummer at a ski resort, don't get me wrong I absolutely love new snow, but.... if it rains that means painting ALL day and I'm thinking I want to start some scumbling and detail work (while still glazing some areas).... so just for this weekend I'd be ok with it.... just as long as it starts snowing again on Monday!

3/7: today was an added bonus, I'm completely snowed in which makes it a perfect time to work!