Monday, July 25, 2011

let the sun shine in

Remember when I ordered all of my new paints to start my latest series? Well, along with all of my "go to" oils I also thought that it would be a good time to try out some new paints, water soluble oils. I know it seems a bit contradictory having oil paints that are water soluble (that's why it's taken me so long just to order them) but why not give them a shot? The thought always intrigued me but I guess the mood to experiment just recently sprang over me. Today was the day to get the box out.

For the longest time I thought and thought about what subject matter to paint with these new paints. It didn't seem right to paint what I normally do, after all I have no idea what these paints are like, what they feel like to paint with (glazing, painting with thicker paint and impasto) or what they will look like. I didn't want to try to make these paints like my other oils and be disappointed because they didn't perform like my regular paints do. After days and days I had been working on my regular paintings and had walked away for a second after just putting a clean white canvas on my easel (outside of course). On the walk back, the canvas no longer looked untouched, instead the surrounding environment had created its own type of painting. The shadows of the trees above were placed beautifully on the canvas to create an abstract and interesting composition. At that moment a light bulb went off and I thought, how perfect.

It'll be like a painting experiment where I can play with the properties of these new paints and create abstract images inspired by the silhouette of the trees and plants that surround where the paintings are created. It's a starting point and I have no idea how they will look when completed, but I'm excited about that uncertainty.

One thing that is a must for these paintings is sunlight, without the direct light there are no shadows to be seen or traced. So bring on the sunshine (with some shade of course)!

Monday, July 11, 2011

little red dot

It still hasn't hit me....the St. Peter's Show in Lewes was the best show I've ever had. It almost seems like a dream. In past shows (well just last year, since it was my first year) cards and prints would leave in bags and purses, but original paintings would never be taken off the walls of my tent to their new homes that same day. This show was an anomaly.

paintings that were taken to their new wonderful homes during the St. Peter's Show:

There's something about the little red dot that is placed on the label of sold paintings during a show. It's so small, but I must say I was ecstatic to place this little red dot on labels of paintings this year. It's a feeling like no other. Thank you for this sticker experience, everyone who purchased a painting!

After thinking about it a little more (allowing more time for it to sink in) I just wanted to take the time again to thank everyone who supports my work and those of you who took these paintings home. I wouldn't be living my dream without you! Thank you so much!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

St. Peter's Show

It was in the upper 80's/low 90's with a bit of cloud cover along with some sun, the perfect weather for an art show. We had a fantastic turnout and I was able to meet many new people, put faces to some names I had already known and saw many of my wonderful supporters (friends and family). Thank you so much everyone who stopped by!

This year we decided to set up earlier than normal, or so we thought. Driving over we assumed no one would be up so early, but many of the artists were early birds and already setting up. I'm so glad we were able to set up early to have a bit of time to relax. Not to mention enough time to iron out glitches, like putting the wrong side of the tent forward and setting up everything underneath. We were able to find some extra help and moved the tent slowly and carefully out into the street in order to spin the tent around and put the front actually in the front. We also almost forgot to put up the banner, whoops. Luckily both of my parents were helping with set up and had realized it before the show started, an easy fix. All in all I've learned the earlier the better and I think maybe I'll start a check off list just to make sure we've got everything.

I was super psyched to find out that it would be perfect conditions to hang paintings on the outside walls. I love that you can see bright colors from down the street.

Notice anything different? We added carpet to the display this year! I must say it is much softer to stand on.

We headed over to the Farmer's Market and found these huge and absolutely beautiful sun flowers, gorgeous!

At this show we debuted fine art magnets (it was a suggestion from my aunt that was very popular).

I couldn't have asked for anything better, the weather, the people, the location, everything was wonderful! Thanks for everyone who came by and everyone who helped me with the set up/ take down of the show, I wouldn't be able to do this without you!