Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Armory Show

This weekend I went to the Armory Show in New York. It was really amazing seeing work from all over the world. Everything was so different and interesting. The show is huge. I spent hours walking around seeing everything, and didn't even get to see the entire show. It's amazing to see the different ways mediums are used and the different effects they have. It was so great, I definitely want to go back next year and spend two days, so that I can see everything. Everyone should go check it out. There were so many great things, I don't think I had a favorite; everything was so different you couldn't even compare them. I also really enjoyed looking at how the work was displayed, and was able to get different ideas about displaying my own work. I will definitely try to go every year from now on. It was great.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I thought that the writing by Kandinsky was really interesting. When he started off by saying “ It is impossible for us to live and feel, as did the ancient Greeks”, an idea that I had roughly thought about before, but in a different way. I think that a lot of the time we try to imitate the masters, but we don’t have those same feelings they had, and are not in the same situation. We can never recreate something that someone else has created, and I don’t think we can understand completely. Kandinsky says “ In the same way those who strive to follow the Greek methods in sculpture achieve only a similarity of form, the work remaining soulless for all time.” Which pretty much sums it up. It seems like a simple idea, but really makes sense once you think about it. A piece of work can resemble another, but there isn’t the same type of emotion in it. I also enjoyed when he talked about how “Such works of art at least preserve the soul from coarseness; they “key it up,” so to speak, to certain height, as tuning –key the strings of a musical instrument.” I think that as an artist you want your work to speak to the viewer and make an impact.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Astrid Dahl

I was looking around on the internet and found an artist I really liked, her name is Astrid Dahl. I really like the colors she uses as well as the textures. I think the organic shapes are really interesting and beautiful. Here's an address that shows some of her paintings :