Wednesday, December 15, 2010

starting steps

I've had a large group of large blank canvases staring me down since Thanksgiving, but today I found the best way to get started.

step 1: hot chocolate (don't forget whip cream)
step 2: put on favorite Christmas music
.. and that's all it takes

* if possible snow makes everything better!

I've posted the new underpaintings on "currently creating the water that runs through Vermont". I think I need to re-stock my hot chocolate supply before starting on the 4'x5' canvases. There will be many more to come.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

somewhere with elevators

(Mountain View Drive, Colchester VT)

I've been looking for different art groups to join now that I'm living in Vermont and luckily came across the BCA in Burlington that offers many different opportunities for artists as well as other individuals. They connect the arts with the community.This will be my very first time showing somewhere that has elevators (I'm so excited).

I think it's so cool that people will be viewing the paintings while they are going to/leaving work, it's nice to know that your work is out in the world (wherever it may be). I've always felt that it's really important to be open to any kind of opportunity, you never know where they might lead.

The BCA is a wonderful organization and I would definitely recommend looking them up if you're near the Burlington area (and even if your not in the area):

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

there's nothing like a little snow to get you going

I don't know what it is, but there's something about 2 1/2 feet of snow (there might even be more by now) with flurries throughout the day, Christmas music and a roaring fire in the fire place, that makes me want to paint. It's the perfect combination of coziness and beauty that leads to inspiration.

.. and when you're ready for a break, just head outside for a little walk, but remember to bring a snow shovel and some great company.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to get there?

New surroundings always spark new inspiration, but getting there is always the challenge. Whenever I find myself with a spare moment (you know, between classes when I'm subbing or just waiting for the last 5 minutes for the cookies to be done) I pick up I'd rather be in the studio, "the artist's no-excuse guide to self-promotion" by Alyson B. Stanfield. Just the other day I found an innovative idea that I think is worth sharing (found in Action 14, Save Money and generate a buzz on a shoestring). It started off with an artist who wanted to take a trip to China but was unable to fund the plane ticket, which led to the idea of selling "shares" of her experience. If she could sell 100 shares (each share was $32) she could pay for her plane ticket. Friends, family and anyone interested could buy a share, which included a stock certificate (thank you note), handmade postcard from the final destination, a small original piece of art inspired by the trip and an invitation to the return party where a slide show of the trip would be shown. In the end, much of the trip was paid for and the connection between the artist and the share holders became an unintended but inspiring performance piece. What a great idea that benefited both the artist and the shareholders. Maybe something to think about in the future.