Friday, June 24, 2011

perfect weather for painting in a swimsuit

There's something quite wonderful about being able to paint outside in your swimsuit. It may be a bit unconventional, but it's in the 80's and there's a chance of rain, why not be prepared? I'm so glad that my first real day back is so perfect. After a couple of months of thinking about the subject matter, working on compositions, buying canvases and paints and organizing my studio, it's finally time to get going. Since I've been back in Delaware the beauty of the beaches (jetties and landscape that surrounds) have sparked my imagination and inspired me to start a new series.

As you may know for some odd reason I have an interest in painting rocks, I'm not sure if it's their organic but also rigid shapes, the patterns they create as a whole, the beauty of the moss and barnacles that live on the rocks or a combination of everything that truly intrigues me. Whatever it is, I'm intensely drawn to them and love recreating them in my paintings. I guess since the last series dealt with the rocks from Vermont it is only natural to now move to the rocks formations of Delaware.

*I've started documenting the process just click on 2011 Currently Creating realizing the beauty of DE