Monday, April 30, 2012

the countdown begins

 more in progress pictures

The countdown begins and I have about three and a half weeks before outdoor show season, which means lots of glazing, scumbling and detail work. I'm simultaneously working on the Vermont and Delaware series, so that I have a lot of new work to display over the summer. Hope to see you in a couple of weeks!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Anita Peghini Raber Gallery

The Grand Opening turned out to be a huge success! Two weekends ago I took my first steps into the Anita Peghini Raber Gallery since the walls had been painted white and the paintings had been hung. I was thrilled with what it has become. The gallery exudes vibrancy and energy.

Work is carefully exhibited salon style throughout the gallery, beautifully mixing all artists together.

The combination of all the bright colors and diverse styles creates a lively mood. The Anita Peghini Raber Gallery is one of a kind. Definitely a place to stop by and check out if you happen to be in the area and worth the drive if you happen to not be in the area.

(left: Denise the Anita Peghini Raber Gallery Manager, right: my super supportive Mom)

check out their website for hours and more info on the Gallery:

A quick update on the new paintings: