2010 Currently Creating Costa Rica

This series of paintings was inspired by a trip to Nosara, Costa Rica. The landscape and colors were so intriguing and the perfect subject for the new group of paintings. I am concentrating on creating many layers of glazes, while also leaving the white of the canvas for highlights. I'm also working with diptychs and triptychs to see how they turn out. Once completed one of the paintings will be 4'x7', the largest yet! While painting I will be noting what colors I use and posting them with the pictures. Enjoy!

Underpainting: phalo blue 

6/16 glazing starts: cadmium yellow deep & gold ocre

6/18 first couple of layers: cadmium red orange hue & rose dore madder lake

6/20 more glazing: magenta, royal blue, azur blue, maganese violet & phalo blue

6/20: prussian blue
6/22: azure blue, carmine deep, gold ocre
6/23: permanent rose, phalo blue, cadmium yellow orange
6/24: azure blue, rose dore madder lake, bright yellow, magenta

 ...and some help from my studio assistant Layla

last week in June: so I know there's no excuse, but I think I got a little flustered, trying to get two paintings ready to show at the show and I didn't write the colors down....

                                                  (only 1/3 of the painting)
.. but now I'm back on track with the other paintings
7/7: prussian blue, azure blue, earth green
7/8: bright yellow, quinacridore magenta, prussian blue

painting outside is the best...
 7/9: cadmium yellow deep, chromium green light
7/10: aureoline

7/11: azur blue, chinese lake
7/12: rose dore madder lake, prussian blue, carmine deep




finished paintings: http://web.me.com/leahvanrees/Leah_Van_Rees/Vermont.html