To the past and new beginnings...

After a snowy winter filled with schoolwork and art exhibits in Vermont, I am back in Delaware. As I finish my masters degree this July, I am looking forward to immersing myself and my art into local shows once again. This past year I had little time to create new work, so I will not be participating in any outdoor shows this summer. I am beginning to paint again with hopes to exhibit in many local art shows next year. Even though my work will not be traveling to outdoor art shows during the summer months, the work can be viewed at my studio or travel to the walls that may become potential homes.

Burlington International Airport, Burlington VT

This past fall and winter two Costa Rica inspired paintings greeted travelers in the Burlington International Airport with the warmth of tropical scenes on cold and snowy days.

Firehouse Gallery, Burlington VT

The winter started with a holiday art show in Burlington at the BCA Firehouse Gallery. The snow fell in the streets as street lights sparkled and illuminated the sky.


Fletcher Allen Hospital, Burlington VT

This spring the paintings traveled to Fletcher Allen Hospital and will continue to hang until August 2014. Sharing art in a health environment revitalizes imagination and soul, allowing the viewer to enter into the work and transport into a new world.